Partners in Property

Partners in Property Group’s (PIP) ambition is to offer end-to-end property solutions for residents from across Australia. Whether it’s capitalising on your investment portfolio or looking for a new place to call home, PIP are known for their personalised approach in everything they do. The group brings together a team of developers, marketers and property specialists to offer a full-spectrum of services. To reach their ambitious goal of helping as many Australians as possible, PIP needed to create a new and cohesive brand image that would establish their position as market leaders.


We worked closely with the PIP team to firstly establish their purpose and proposition, which provided great clarity when it came time to reimagine the current branding. The minimalistic logo, simple colour palette and underlying bold sentiment signal PIP’s focus on efficiency, and commitment to finding solutions for every person that walks through the door. After curating the new logo, we then turned our focus to ensuring this new branding rolled out across every touch point to help boost brand recognition. This included business cards, flyers and email signatures. The updated branding also provided the foundations for a new custom website, designed to stand out from the competitors and boost conversion rates. 


The full impact of our work with PIP was realised through the creation of new marketing materials. We took the new brand guidelines and their established brand story to formulate a selection of materials that showcase the full-breadth of PIP services and inherently unique point of difference. A combination of booklets and brochures were created, ensuring potential application for a variety of contexts and situations.