Sheehan, Hope Island

Sheehan Residences is an inspired collection of just 13 designer townhouses. Located in the heart of Gold Coast’s prestigious Hope Island, the boutique development presented a rare opportunity for local families and investors alike. The Sheehan Residences team turned to Desire Studio to help run a sales campaign that would appeal to potential buyers across the globe.


We equipped Sheehan Residences with an ambitious goal to connect with customers from all walks of life, regardless of their location. Our team worked closely with them to create a brand, purpose and proposition that provided insight into the unique offering of the development while also positioning the properties as a luxurious opportunity. The elegant logo, golden-hinted palette and classic typography celebrate the project’s impressive architecture and design. This delightful new branding created the direction for a user-focused landing page, high-quality booklet, and premium renders, resulting in Sheehan Residences’ stand-out presence in the ever-growing real estate world.


Sheehan Residence’s ambition to attract buyers from across the globe meant a streamlined customer service experience was essential. Allowing interested parties to download the booklet from the website ensured excellent access to all relevant information. This approach was particularly beneficial for overseas buyers, who had a limited understanding of the Gold Coast market. The Sheehan Residences team could then use the contact information gained through these downloads to reach out to interested buyers and offer a more personalised experience.